Why you may need hoarding

Scaffolding hoarding service in London

To put it short, you may need hoarding for at least four main reasons. First, to ensure the safety of the general public. Second, to prevent unauthorised access to your construction site. Third, to prevent risks of theft or vandalism. Fourth, to make your site aesthetically pleasing.

Ensure the safety of the general public

To start with, public safety during construction and development is a legal requirement in the UK. To clarify, the legal document that stipulates this requirement is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Potential risks to the safety of passers-by include the following aspects:

• Impacts of dust and garbage on the passers-by, which threatens their health
• Distraction of the drivers, which may lead to car accidents or hurting the pedestrians
• Distraction of the pedestrians, which may, in turn, lead to pedestrian incidents

All this you can prevent when using our scaffold hoarding service.

Prevent unauthorised access

To go further, the prevention of unauthorised access to your site is also your duty. First, the necessity to hedge construction workplace is outlined in the CDM Regulations 2015. Second, it also covers safety aspects. To clarify, by creating a physical barrier for the passers-by, you prevent them from coming too close. Thus, you minimise the risk of causing them any damage by, for example, falling items or debris.

Besides, hoardings not only shield the general public from the site but shield the site from the general public as well. For example, when you hedge your construction site, you protect your workers from being distracted by the passers-by and their enquiries.

Prevent theft or vandalism

In general, there are a lot of valuable items on the construction site. For example, building materials, machinery, and other equipment. Therefore, there is always a risk that their value will attract the attention of thieves. So, hedging your site is effective to prevent thefts.

Besides, hoardings help you secure your construction site against vandal attacks. For example, if attackers break into your site, they may destroy or damage scaffolds. With hoardings, these attacks are harder to execute.

To make sites aesthetically pleasing

At last, a construction site doesn’t offer a nice look. Heaps of building materials, which are lying here and there all over the site. A mess, which is always present during the building works. All these are not appealing to the street aesthetic and may even irritate its residents or visitors. Fortunately, hoardings can hide all the ugliness of the site.

So, if you need hoardings for your project, turn to Q Scaffolding. We will arrange all necessary permits, lighting, and other essential details.

Scaffolding hoarding service in London

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