Why to use us as a scaffolding inspection company

The best scaffolding company in London

While we provide full-cycle scaffolding activities, scaffolding inspections are also among our range as a separate service. Moreover, we are proud to say many businesses choose us from other scaffolding inspection companies. Both for one-off or regular inspections.

Why? Because when turning to us, they get professional scaffold safety assistance. They do not just abide by the law nominally but ensure the safety of their staging structures actually. In other words, they gain peace of mind. To clarify, there are at least two reasons for this. First, all inspections are carried out by advanced inspectors. Second, we are fully independent and highly reliable.

Inspections are carried out by advanced inspectors

When we say our inspectors are advanced, we mean two things. First, that they are CISRS-certified as Advanced Inspectors. This enables us to deal with any scaffolds:

• Basic structures
• System structures
• Complex tube and fitting structures

Second, that they are of extensive experience. Therefore, they can quickly identify unsafe or non-compliant structures. And even make valuable advice on how to improve the safety of your structures. All this makes us one of the best scaffolding companies in London one of the best scaffolding companies in London.

We are fully independent and highly reliable

We truly believe the goal of scaffolding inspection is not just to verify the structure is safe but to detect the issues. And our only aim is to hit this goal. (Though we are always happy if there is nothing to compromise the safety). Thus, we are able to see things as they actually are instead of how they should be.

We do not represent anyone’s interests other than safety interests. In other words, no prejudice and no favouritism. No matter who constructed the structure or what was the event that triggered the need for unscheduled scaffolding inspection, we carry it out with unchanged criticism and impartiality. In other words, no interested party can affect our decision. Therefore, when you hire us, you get an objective and unbiased inspection opinion and report.

So, if you are looking for a scaffolding inspection company, look no further than Q Scaffolding. Get in touch with us to schedule the task.

The best scaffolding company in London

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