Why to use a scaffolding company

The best scaffolding erectors in London

It seems, there is always a choice whether to use a scaffolding company or arrange scaffolds by yourself. However, most construction and reconstruction projects hire contractors instead of doing it on their own. Why is this so? Here, we will highlight some aspects you need to consider when making your decision.

First, you get a reliable access solution

Being highly experienced scaffolding experts in London, we can say there are so many buildings of non-standard shape. To be more specific, every second building. In other words, no boxed solutions can provide access for works at height. Not to mention this access should be safe and highly reliable.

So, you need a safe solution customized to the building features and your exact needs. That is to say, you can hardly arrange such a solution on your own unless you have a well-qualified engineer who can undertake:

  • full risk assessment
  • load calculations and balancing
  • professional design for the structure

On the contrary, when turning to a scaffolding company, you get a bespoke solution. Such a solution provides access to the most hard-to-reach places while ensuring the utmost safety.

Second, you get full compliance with scaffolding legislation

Are you fully aware of all requirements and regulations in this industry? Do you know what permits you need to get to use scaffolding or hoarding at your worksite? Do your workers have relevant training and accreditation for designing, constructing, and inspecting the staging structures you are going to use? At last, are you properly insured and ready to take full responsibility for both your employee and the general public safety while constructing or dismantling the structures?

Note, if you can’t ensure full compliance with the law, you will have to face such unpleasant consequences as numerous fines, lawsuits, etc. In contrast, when turning to scaffolding experts, you handle these responsibilities to their shoulders. Now, it becomes their duty to ensure full compliance with the law. And they will fulfill these duties without any involvement from your side.

So, if you need an experienced scaffolding company for your construction or reconstruction project in London, contact us. We will provide you with a highly reliable access solution and full compliance with scaffolding legislation.

The best scaffolding erectors in London

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