What is scaffolding?

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In general, scaffolding is a temporary structure you need for a construction project that involves any work at height. However, the essence of scaffolding is slightly broader. Besides, there is such a phenomenon as bespoke scaffolding. All these aspects we are going to discuss in this post.

What is scaffolding in a broad sense?

Indeed, you may associate scaffolding with staging structures of poles and planks (respectively, metal and wooden) that workers stand on while performing their construction or repairing tasks for parts they cannot reach while standing on the ground or floor. In this case, you consider scaffolding as an access solution.

But this is only half of the truth. Another half lies in the fact that scaffolding as an industry covers much more types of scaffold structures than just access solutions. For example, turn to a scaffolding contractor if you need one of the following scaffold solutions:

• Temporary roofs
• Hoardings and pedestrian walkways
• And even framed advertising banners to place on a building

Thus, creating a protected environment for the construction site or arranging sidewalk sheds is also within scaffolding company competence.

What is bespoke scaffolding?

Bespoke always means something specially made for the customer rather than using out-of-the-box solutions. In other words, when it comes to some specifications for a scaffold structure, it comes to bespoke scaffolding.

For example, here are the structures that can be only of the bespoke kind:

• Cantilevered scaffolds that do not stand on the ground but start at height (a common thing – 3-4 metres above the ground)
• Scaffolds for buildings or any structures of unique geometry and outstanding height

As a rule, bespoke scaffolding is tube-and-fitting scaffolding. However, in some, using modular scaffolding systems, such as the HAKI system, is reasonable. And in all cases, bespoke scaffolding involves the following activities:

• Site assessment (risk assessment) and numerous load calculations
• Designing based on the structure shape requirements as well as assessment and calculations
• Creating explicit drawings based on the design sketches

At Q Scaffolding, we are happy to provide you with a reliable access solution, fence off your construction site, or equip it with a protected environment. Reach us with your detailed scaffolding request and get a free and explicit quotation.

Q scaffolding contractors in London

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