Temporary Roofing Rental and Installation

Temporary roofing is a service Q Scaffolding provides to fully meet the needs of customers who undertake construction projects. Working throughout London, we erect safe temporary roofing structures of bespoke design for small, medium, and large projects. With our weather protective covering, your project will not suffer disruption caused by bad weather conditions or other negative effects of the external environment.

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Temporary roofing installation in London
Temporary roofing service in London

Creating a controlled environment with temporary roofing


Planning takes into considerations both site requirements and European standards, such as 1991-1-3, EN 1991-1-4, EN 13782, etc. The procedure includes the following calculations:

• Wind loading
• Snow loading
• Roof pressures
• Internal pressure

Our engineers deliver output data crucial for the structure safety and robustness and provide a reliable ground for the next stage.


Designing takes into account requirements for materials, their workmanship, site conditions, and construction tolerances. When designing, we strictly adhere to TG9:18 NASC’s guidelines and BS EN 16508 standard:

• Method of design is based on the complete structural arrangement consideration
• Factor of safety for all temporary roof elements is at least 1.65
• Applied loadings and gable ends are of special consideration

Based on both project requirements and feasibility study we carry out at a planning stage, we deliver an individual design for the temporary roof scaffolding. Also, we design a roof drainage system for efficient water and snow management. All this we deliver in explicit drawings.


Our temporary roof installers are trained and highly experienced operatives. They erect the structure in strict accordance with the drawings. The exact erection and sheeting method may be chosen depending on the site requirements. But it always provides the maximum level of efficiency and enables to reach safety and reliability as designed.

We guarantee the structures we design and erect will withstand extreme climatic conditions and provide a controlled working environment of the highest safety.

Regular inspections

As a temporary roof is a specific type of scaffold structures, it falls under all relevant inspection requirements. Our CISRS qualified engineers run weekly inspections to check the state of the structures. Also, we undertake inspections every time after the elements occur and provide timely repairs so the project can progress further without interruption.

Establishing a safe environment for our operatives

At Q Scaffolding, we are meticulous about the safety of our operatives. Methods we use for temporary roofing erection, maintenance, and dismantling are fully compliant with Work at Heights Regulation 2004, SG4:15 ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’, and other reasonable health and safety requirements:

• Relevant training and CISRS affiliation
• Collective and personal fall protection equipment
• Meticulous planning with full risk assessment, instructions, etc.

Our strict Health & Safety Policy ensures a safe zone for our scaffolders in every project we take over.

Contact us if you are looking for a scaffold company that provides temporary roofing rental services near you. We deliver versatile solutions of the highest safety.

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