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At Q Scaffolding, we have plenty of projects under our belt. For many of them, we provided exclusive solutions both for access and environment control. In this post, we present a few projects we are especially proud of.

College Road

The College Road project involved the design and construction of independent scaffolding access and temporary roofs for demolition and new extra storey build. One of the project’s outstanding features was a roof system with an ‘in 10 minutes’ movable section. The movable roof section enabled to arrange on-site deliveries without sacrificing the working environment. To clarify, only a few companies that provide scaffolding in London have expertise in such roof systems!

Other project features are presented below:

• 450 aluminium beams
• 780 corrugated sheets
• 10,260 sq m of scaffolding
• 720 sq m of temporary roofing

The project lasted for 45 weeks and involved 12 scaffolders on a full-time basis.

Fraser House

The Fraser House project involved, among others, scaffolding a 14-storey residential building. For this project, we delivered an access solution based on 50% aluminium tubes. To clarify, that enabled us to stay within deadlines while ensuring utmost safety for our operatives and workers our client engaged to handle refurbishment and maintenance tasks.

The main project features are as follows:

• 25,000 sq m of scaffolding
• 80 public protection barriers
• 40 m of a complicated cantilever section
• 60 m of the temporary staircase

One of the aspects we are especially proud of was the full satisfaction of building and area residents with our activities. We strived to cause them little to no inconvenience with our loading and scaffold construction activities. So, we were happy to have compliments from them for our concern.

Covent Garden Market

The Covent Garden Market project involved scaffolding three residential buildings and six restaurants. The general project features are presented below:

• 2,800 sq m of scaffolding
• Four 60m platforms with five towers per section
• 6 sq m of the crash deck

That was not an extremely large project but a sort of honourable and highly public-responsible. To clarify, Covent Garden Square is an intensive area regarding both the general public and the business. Therefore, we had to manage all construct work the way to stay within the client’s timeframe while not creating any impediments to the general public and business routines.

The only solution here was to arrange all scaffolding activities during nighttime. So, we contacted the local Council and got their permission for nighttime works. We are proud of being flexible to work when others are sleeping. As well as of having soft skills to arrange such nighttime works!

Contact us to arrange impeccable, bespoke, and fully safe access and environment control solutions for your construction works.

Scaffolding projects in London

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