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Q Scaffolding provides a wide range of one-off and package scaffolding services. Striving to meet our clients’ needs in full, we focus on the utmost safety of our structures. We cover all over London and contribute to a safe workplace for each project we take over.

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Services we provide

Scaffolding contractor

We undertake a wide range of projects, starting with small one-week projects and ending with large-scale ones that last for months or even years. We pay close attention to scaffold safety, its compliance with local legislation, and its impact on the neighbours.

Commercial scaffolding

Our versatile solutions can provide safe access of any size to the most difficult to reach areas. We guarantee absolute safety for operatives when they enter or exit the building site

Residential scaffolding

Our scaffolding rental services cover any residential needs in full. Our scaffold structures are a safe and reliable means for executing exterior works at height. Whether it is refurbishing facades or a roof repair project, we’ve got it covered.

Demolition scaffolding

Demolition scaffolding helps carry out demolition projects while ensuring the safety of workers and the general public. The whole procedure works in line with the demolition sequence. Our structures are sufficient but not excessive, complementary but not predominant.

Bespoke scaffolding

We design perfect solutions fully customized to the project’s needs and requirements. Our engineers are keen to offer the best of our scaffolding services. The line-up starts from stages for hosting special events and goes to scaffolds for challenging buildings.

Scaffold hoarding

We build effective scaffold hoarding to fence off a construction site. Our scaffold hoarding services ensure a secure and efficient working environment. Also, hoarding lowers distraction risks both for workers and the general public. 

Temporary roofing

We build temporary roofing for open-air construction projects. Our roofing structures create a comfortable workplace. Also, they secure the project progression against the risks bad weather can pose.

Scaffold drawings

We design and create impeccable 2D scaffold drawings. The main criterion for working drawings is their sufficiency for use. And our engineers provide a high (but not superfluous) level of detailing to ensure this sufficiency.

Scaffolding inspections

We provide scaffolding inspections for all our projects, but we are also able to provide an independent audit of structures erected by other contractors to ensure additional peace of mind. If you are looking for a reliable scaffold company near you in London, we are here to help. Our scaffolding services are your safe and reliable solution for the challenges you may encounter.

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