Scaffolding Services

We offer complete scaffolding services, from design, and construction to strike down. 

Scaffolding Services


We offer a comprehensive scaffolding service, from design, erection to strike down. 

What types of projects require scaffolding services?

Projects such as construction, renovation, painting, and maintenance work often require scaffolding services. Scaffolding provides a safe and stable platform for workers to access hard-to-reach areas, ensuring their safety and increasing efficiency on the job.

New Builds – Large Residential And Commercial Scaffolding Rental Services

To begin with, we manage new build scaffolding projects throughout London.

In other words, we provide commercial scaffolding rental of any complexity to meet any project needs, challenges, and limitations in full. As a result, turning to us, you get safe and reliable access solutions for highly complicated buildings and restricted access areas.

Demolition Scaffolding

Not only scaffold protection is a must for demolition. But also, it is essential for the safety of the workforce and the general public. As well as for ensuring dust efficient suppression and protection against debris during the works.

Therefore we provide demolition scaffolding for low, medium, and high-rise buildings. In addition, we guarantee all our structures are highly reliable and safe.

Access Solutions For Fire Safety Cladding Replacement

On the condition that some cladding, can be highly flammable and it is therefore critical to replace the aluminium composite material that doesn’t conform to the safety regulations.

Hence, whether you need removing, replacing and installing cladding we can offer extensive access solution services for it.

Refurbishments (Public And Private Sectors)

In the same way, we provide scaffolding services to all types of refurbishment projects. As a result, whether it’s a refurbishment of public or private sectors, we have a great reputation and track-record of meeting and delivering all access requirements.

In summary, we can plan, coordinate and complete all access solutions to specific time scales anywhere in London.

Bespoke Scaffolding Services

All in all, we’re a leading provider of personalized scaffolding services in London.

In simple terms, we’ve delivered thousands of unique outdoor solutions over the years.

To that end, our custom structures offer safe and easy access to even the most challenging locations, benefiting every project we undertake.

Temporary Roofing​

In simpler terms, temporary roofing is a service we provide to fully meet the needs of customers who undertake construction projects. As a matter of fact, we assemble safe temporary roofing structures of bespoke design for medium and large projects.

In conclusion, with our weather protective covering, your project will not suffer disruption caused by any negative effects of the external environment.

Structural Drawings And Scaffold Calculations

While this is a stand alone service it’s designed for those who have their own means to construct temporary structures. However, they might need help with a detailed plan for the scaffolding.

In other words, our engineers create an elaborate 2D scheme that is readable, easy to understood and apply by the installers. Hence we guarantee each drawing we deliver, fully complies with British standards in the industry.

Heritage Projects – Listed Buildings ​

To begin with, when we work on historic buildings, we have to be really careful. We can’t do anything that might damage the old structure. So, when we set up scaffolding or other temporary works, we make sure not to change anything important about the old building. We use special designs to be safe. We’re proud of how well we do this kind of work.


In summary, we’re here to help with all your needs. We’re happy to work with you to figure out what your project requires before you start the tendering process.

Whether you’re just beginning, in the middle, or almost ready to tender, we’ll make sure you have everything you need. Additionally, we promise to be clear and fair throughout the process, with health and safety being a core part of our practices. We’ll give you a list of prices and any changes, so you’ll always know what to expect, and there won’t be any hidden costs.

If you want to send a tender request, you can easily do it through our website or by emailing us.


As a scaffolding hire company, we offer more than just standard scaffolding rental services and strike-down services. We specialize in customizing our access solutions to match the specific needs of each project, making the process simpler for our clients. Our scaffolding base in Greater London is stocked with plenty of tools and vehicles, enabling us to efficiently manage big commercial projects of any size, providing elegant scaffolding solutions for all your construction site needs. We also offer comprehensive residential scaffolding services in the London area, ensuring safe and efficient access for maintenance or renovation work on your home.

We are not only eager to discuss your options in detail but also strive to build a personal connection with you. This often leads to finding ways to make processes smoother and provide better value for your projects through excellence. As a result, many project managers choose us as their preferred scaffolding services company.


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