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the best commercial scaffolding in London

If you run the construction business, it is highly likely you need to establish strong relationships with a scaffolding company. To clarify, scaffolding and construction businesses closely interact while the former is regarded as a helpful hand for the latter.

When you may need scaffolding

In short, you need scaffolding for all the projects that involve works at height and require safe access or staging solution. Here are the most common projects you cannot undertake without scaffold or staging structures:

• New construction and reconstruction
• Exterior remodelling and building refacing
• Large premise redevelopment
• Building demolition

In all the aforementioned cases, the scaffold structures enable you to ensure both a safe workplace for your operatives and faster progress.
At Q Scaffolding, we can support each of these projects and provide a bespoke solution for your exact case. So, if you need the best commercial scaffolding in London, it is high time to turn to us.

What scaffolding services you may need

To understand what services you need for your exact project, you put together the essence of your project and your in-house facilities and capabilities. Below, we provide a few common service examples and clarify the cases that may predetermine your choice:

• Bespoke scaffolding. Are a must if you need to arrange an access solution but don’t have any in-house facilities to accomplish the task. Typically, bespoke scaffolding is a full-cycle service. To clarify, it starts from designing and drawing the structure and ends with its inspections and dismantling.
• Scaffold hoardings. Are required to hedge and secure the construction site against the general public and even intruders. That is to say, with hoardings, you prevent unauthorized access to the site.
• Temporary roofing. Is used to create a protected environment for your construction site. Thus, your operatives can continue their works even in the rain and snow.
• Demolition scaffolding. Is an auxiliary solution for building demolition project when you need to demolish a multi-storey building and apply non-implosion methods. In fact, this not only enables to arrange a safe workplace but provides initial dust suppression as well.
• Scaffold drawings / inspections. If your in-house facilities include only site operatives to construct the structure, you need someone who can design it and then carry out all the required inspections.

Note, depending on your exact case, you may need to get two or more services for your project simultaneously. For example, you may need both access and hedging solutions. That is to say, you need both bespoke scaffolding and hoarding services. Also, as scaffold drawings and scaffold inspection services are two parts of the entire scaffolding pipeline, in most cases, if you outsource the former, you outsource the latter as well.

the best commercial scaffolding in London

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