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Q Scaffolding is an approved scaffolding contractor with extensive experience in the market. We show a strong commitment to a safe working environment. Working throughout London, we provide bespoke access solutions for each project.

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Scaffolding contractor in London
Scaffold contractor in London

Workplace safety commitment

Each scaffolding project is unique in its needs and requirements. The only thing that remains unchanged is the safety of provided solutions. This is what a scaffold contractor must ensure. And this is what we successfully target at every stage of our scaffolder contractor services.

At the planning stage

We carefully assess all the risks the construction site may pose on the project. Our engineers undertake all necessary calculations to ensure the scaffold structure will withstand the required loads. Also, we assess the building structure to find out the safest way to scaffold the building. And explore site peculiarities a scaffold contractor must take into account.

At the designing stage

Being a highly experienced scaffolding contractor, we not only design the scaffold to be a perfect fit for the building dimension and shape. At this stage, we thoroughly engineer how to attach the structure to the building. All this we deliver in the drawings, sufficient for use by our site operatives.

At the installation stage

Each installation starts with arranging the foundation and ends with double checks for the erected structure. With intermediate checks throughout the installation. Thus, we ensure the robustness and utmost safety of the scaffolds we erect. As a law-abiding scaffolder contractor, we get a highway licence prior to starting the structure erection if necessary.

At the inspection stage

During the project lifespan, we carry our compulsory weekly inspections to check scaffold integrity and safety. Also, we inspect our scaffolds every time strong winds strike. If detecting cracks or other threats to scaffold integrity and workplace safety, we restore the structure within 24 hours. This makes us one of the most reliable scaffolding contractors all over the UK.

Personnel safety commitment

At Q Scaffolding, we take the utmost responsibility for the safety of our engineers and site operatives. Due to this, we earn a reputation as a no-accident scaffold contractor.

We organize our workflow and equip our personnel in strict accordance with the Health and Safety legislation:

• The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
• The Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

Regular safety instructions. High-quality PPE, ties, and supports provision. These are some of the measures each responsible scaffolder contractor must consider. And these are the measures we successfully apply to prevent accidents or injuries.

If you are looking for a scaffolding contractor in London for your construction project, we are your best option. Get in touch with us to discuss your project and get an accurate quotation.

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