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The scaffolding industry requires great responsibility and strict safety considerations. Therefore, there are a great number of associations and schemes that govern the scaffolding contractor activity. The governance includes both obligatory and voluntary accreditation. Its aim is to improve scaffolder competence and enhance the security level.

Obligatory accreditation

This is a must-have in the industry. In other words, each and every person engaged in scaffolding must have sufficient training and safety code compliance. Here, we are speaking about the CISRS training scheme. The scheme is recognized as a minimum for scaffolding activities by such bodies as HSE, NASC, CITB, etc.

Depending on what exact tasks an operative is to undertake, there are nine types of CISRS Cards:

  • Labourer
  • BASE
  • Trainee Scaffolder
  • Scaffolder (Tube & Fitting)
  • Scaffolder (System)
  • Advanced Scaffolder
  • Basic Scaffold Inspection
  • Advanced Scaffold Inspection
  • Supervisor

For example, even when you order scaffold hoarding installation, make sure the contractor has a CISRS Card. For most cases, a “Scaffolder (Tube & Fitting)” or, at least, “Scaffolder (System)” CISRS Card is enough. Also, the legislation allows CISRS carded trainee scaffolders to assist the hoarding installation. Still, the number of them should not go beyond rationale. Note even if you hire non-scaffolders to deal with simple staging structures, they must have CISRS Cards as well. For this purpose, the BASE CISRS Card is at the service.

Voluntary accreditation

This accreditation supplements the obligatory one. To clarify, the accredited company is regarded as of greater reliability and stronger governance support from the specific industry-relevant bodies. Typically, it goes in form of membership, where the most reputed bodies are the following ones:

  • NASC. Offers five categories of membership: Contractor, Supplier, Designer, Information, and International
  • Scaffolding Association. Offers three types of membership: Associate, Assessed, and Audited
  • SSIP and other bodies affiliated with the SSIP Schemes. For example, it can be CHAS, SMAS, CSCS, Safe Contractor, or Construction Line. Offer comprehensive support in risk management, safety audit, or deep training for the certified members.

Besides, in 2018, AICS, one of the newest voluntary accreditation schemes in the industry, was launched. It provides skills cards for scaffolding operatives, scaffold inspection, supervision, and management. The cards serve as additional proof of worker competence and their special attention to H&S concerns.

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