Scaffold Hoarding Rental and Installation

Scaffold hoarding from Q Scaffolding is a reliable service to reserve and separate a construction site from the general public. We provide customized timber hoarding solutions that fully meet site and legislation requirements. Our engineers create a safe and secure environment around a site while ensuring corporate identity and supporting the street’s character.

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Scaffold hoarding rental services in detail

At Q Scaffolding, we design and erect robust timber structures adapted to the project size, scale, and other specific requirements.

First, we carefully design the structures’ appearance and functionality:

• Determine safe area dimensions
• Define the structure height
• Define the colour scheme
• Ensure appropriate clearance for pedestrian and/or vehicle movement
• Implement appropriate lightening and safety signage
• Design the exact location of the entrance to the construction site

Second, we obtain all required licences and permits to ensure the structure is legitimately sited.

Third, our site operatives erect hoarding in accordance with its design scheme. Installers carefully check all the materials are properly fixed, braced, lapped and joined. All required safety signage, instructions and warnings are labelled as required.

Finally, we inspect hoarding on a regular basis to check out its condition. Also, inspection aims to make sure the structure is not moved or rearranged. 

Safety and security

• Security for the construction site. No unauthorised access on site. No curious passer-by on the site.

• Safety for the general public. Scaffold hoarding safely fences off all workplace around construction, exterior reconstruction, and demolition. Thus, the works present no danger for the general public.

• Safety for the drivers. No works are revealed to the public. No distraction for the drivers.

• Increased safety for the workforce. Strangers do not penetrate the building site and do not distract workers attention.

• Increased security for construction equipment and materials. Restricted access lowers down the possibility to carry out any intention of breaking or stealing.

Contact us to order our scaffold hoarding and fence off your construction site. Our service area covers London city and its close neighbourhood.

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