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Scaffold drawings are a standalone service of Q Scaffolding. The service is designed for those who have their own means to erect temporary structures but need a detailed scaffolding scheme to guide the procedure. Our engineers create an elaborate 2D scheme that is perfectly readable and easy to understood and apply by the installers. Also, we guarantee each drawing we deliver fully complies with British standards in the industry.

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Scaffold drawings pipeline


Based on the information we obtain for the project, we carefully design the scaffold configuration and the scheme it should be attached (anchored) to the building. The basic information we need includes:

• Building drawing to assess its dimensions and shape,
• Expected access equipment to be applied,
• Expected loads and purpose of use, 


With CAD 2D software, we implement the engineering solution we produced on the planning stage, creating clear and detailed scaffold drawings. We pay special attention to the very last detail. So, the customer’s installers can get a clear idea of how to build the scaffold structure.


Having created the drawings, we can print them and deliver them to the customer in ready-to-use paper form. The exact number of copies we discuss when entering the contract. Also, we can provide an e-version of the document for further use by the customer.

Conformity to industry regulations

Scaffold design drawings we provide go in strict compliance with all standards and guidelines in the construction and scaffolding industries.

One of the most important standards and guidelines:

• BS 5975 standard, a British regulation on the procedural controls,
• BS EN 12811-1 standard, a European regulation on performance requirements and methods of scaffold design,
• BS EN 12810-1:2003 standard, a European regulation on performance requirements and methods of design for façade scaffolds,
• BS 5974:2017 standard, a British regulation and the Code of Practice for Suspended Access Equipment design,
• TG20:13 Design Guide, NASC’ practice guidance for tube and fitting scaffolding.

Get connected with us to order scaffold design drawings. We deliver explicit scaffold drawings of A0 to A4 sizes, in paper and PDF formats.

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