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Q Scaffolding rental service

At Q Scaffolding, we offer a wide range of rental services that meet all kinds of scaffolding needs. For any construction project, we have valuable access, hedging, or controlled internal environment solutions.

Access solutions

For access solutions, we offer tube and fitting scaffold structures. Our turn-key rental services include not only design and construction. Also, we provide inspections – regular (once a week) and on specific occasions (after strong winds, for example).

Bespoke scaffolding

Most of the scaffolding rental in London scaffolding rental in London and all over the UK is bespoke structures. Such structures are designed for the exact geometry of the building. Thus, they can be of unusual shape or high-rise structures. But they always must be highly safe both for the workforce and the general public.

We thoroughly design and quickly construct access towers and gantries, lifts and ladders, pedestrian bridges and walkways. When turning to us, you get access solutions that are fully safe and reliable.

Demolition scaffolding

Unless the top-down demolition projects engage high-reach demolition machines, there must be scaffolding support. One of the strictest requirements here is scaffolding pipeline compliance with the demolition sequence.

At Q Scaffolding, we construct the structures that provide safe access to the work area and features as follows:

• Implementation of site-specific RAMs
• Thorough anchoring
• Sufficient netting to capture debris fall and suppress dust and noise

All this you will get when turning to us for demolition scaffolding rental.

Scaffold hoarding

Fencing off a construction site is a standard requirement of the authorities all over the UK. Moreover, fencing is mandatory for sites that use staging structures. One of the main problems to consider here is public safety and site protection from unauthorized access.

At Q Scaffolding, we offer timber scaffold hoarding to hedge your site. We customize it for your exact site requirements, street character, and corporate identity.

Temporary roofing

Most of the construction projects are open-air projects. Therefore, they may face a risk of slowing down their progression if the weather turns bad. Especially, if snowing or raining.

To help you prevent this weather-affected slowdown, we offer temporary roofing rental. So, with a safe and fully controlled environment, you do not have to depend on weather conditions. Instead, you will have a work pipeline that is consistent with your timeframes in any weather.

Give us a call to discuss your scaffolding needs. We are happy to offer you a solution that will cover your needs in full.

Q Scaffolding rental service in London

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