Q Scaffolding: Step by step guide from local scaffolders

Service by Q Scaffolding company

Q Scaffolding is one of the top-rated local scaffolders. Our services are in high demand due to their quality and our dedicated business approach. In this post, we will reveal our working process. Thus, you will get a clear understanding of what our scaffolding services are and the essence of their stages:

  • Assessment and planning
  • Designing and drawing
  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Dismantling

Assessment and planning

We pay close attention to the very last detail for all scaffolds services we provide. Therefore, preliminary site assessment and permissible load estimation is the first step we undertake. Our engineers collect essential data relevant to the building, construction site, and project. This enables us to carefully plan the main scaffold parameters and required materials.

Designing and drawing

Being one of the most reputed local scaffolding firms, we do not adapt some out-of-the-box staging structures. On the contrary, we design them from scratch. Thus, we deliver custom solutions that fit each exact building at its best. Then, our engineers create explicit 2D drawings. No room for confusion or doubt. No overloading details. No too small or too big sizes. Only efficient simplicity, clarity, and consistency.


Scaffold construction starts with building an appropriate foundation. Then, based on the created scaffolding drawings, our site operatives construct the structure. For each tier, they thoroughly check ties and anchors. At last, they earth the scaffold. If it stands higher than the building, they install a lightning rod.


Inspections are highly important to ensure a safe workplace. As reliable local scaffolders, we carry out all types of inspection for each project we take over:

  • Before the first use
  • Weekly inspections
  • After strong wind events

Our inspectors are CISRS-qualified and highly experienced. In case they detect any issues with the scaffold, we tackle it the same day.


As the project ends, we dismantle the structure. Also, if the project requires, we get rid of redundant tiers in time. Thus, we keep the scaffolds in full compliance with project needs and sequence. So, choose our local scaffolding firm. Make your project safe. Contact us to order our services.

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