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Why do we win large contracts? And why do we have so many clients that return to us again and again? At last, why we are in high demand for bespoke scaffolding? The answer lies in one word – quality. Both in designing and assembling the structure.

Quality in designing

Everything starts with planning and designing. And scaffolding activities are not an exception. At Q Scaffolding, we onboarded highly-qualified scaffolding designers. This means at least three things:

• Thorough risk assessment
• Careful calculations that consider each and every aspect of structure usage and other factors –loads the structure are to withstand, rack strength, and other important parameters
• Detailed and explicit scaffold drawings, the basis for flawless construction workflow

All this you will find at Scaffolding. One of the most reliable scaffolders in London, we factor the very last detail that may affect structure safety, reliability, and usage. As a result, our scaffold designs always meet industry standards and provide impeccable access solutions and safety.

Quality in assembling

We always believe assembling to be as crucial for general structure reliability as designing is. In general, here, the result depends on at least three factors:

• Quality of materials
• Training and experience of the team that executes construction
• Company’s Health and Safety policy and general flexibility

First, at Q Scaffolding, we carefully check the condition of the tubes and boards we apply. Also, we use only reliable fittings and anchors to fix the structure and attach it to the building. Second, we know the basis of task execution quality lies in training and experience relevant to the tasks. And our site operatives have each of them.

At last, when it comes to quality, it comes not only to the reliability and safety of the structure a client gets. It also comes to meeting deadlines and no project disruption. Fortunately, when turning to us, you can rest assured that we will do our best to meet all timeframes. Besides, due to our strict H&S policy and close attention to fall arrest equipment and outfit, we manage to avoid accidents, common causes of project disruptions.

Yes, quality matters. Both for access and safety. And Q Scaffolding is what you need to reach impeccable quality to the very last detail. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and get a transparent quotation.

Q Scaffolding company cars

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