Q Scaffolding can develop a project of any complexity

Commercial scaffolding rental in London

<p>At Q Scaffolding, we have both skills and knowledge to undertake the most complex projects. This is the result of our sufficient training, extensive experience in the industry, and a lot of complex projects we have already completed.</p>

We are highly proficient in all scaffolding domains

Of course, complex development requires the strong qualification of all team members. Indeed, each completed project is the result of well-coordinated teamwork. And be sure, at Q Scaffolding, we have highly competent staff:

• Our scaffold design engineers are experienced professionals with relevant engineering qualifications. This enables them to carry out a full risk assessment, calculations, analysis, and structure design.
• Our site operatives successfully passed CISRS Advanced training courses. Such training allows them to construct structures of any complexity.
• Our inspectors have Advanced inspection licenses, which are current and CISRS-verified. Therefore, they can inspect the most complex staging structures.

Besides, project complexity is not only about complicated staging structures. Sometimes, the complexity raises even more due to the challenging site environment. For example, in case of high vehicle or pedestrian traffic, when all site works are possible only during the nighttime. Of course, this involves greater safety risks and requires deeper proficiency and increased attention.

And we are confident to say we can overcome all these and other challenges. Yes, we are capable of undertaking the most challenging commercial scaffolding rental in London!

Examples of complex projects we successfully completed

Actions speak louder than words. Rephrasing this proverb, we say ‘Completed projects speak louder than words.’ So, here are just a few examples of projects we completed on time, on budget, and without any accidents:

• The Kings Chapel, where we not only scaffolded the building but constructed three temporary roofs to create a fully controlled environment
• Savoy Place, where we provided four separated access means and sufficient lifts
• Park Lane, where we created a scaffold with edge protection while having to perform all works during the nighttime
• Fraser House, where we scaffolded 9 blocks, one of which required a 60m high stage structure and 40m long complex cantilever
• Covent Garden Market, where we also worked on site only during the nighttime and provided five access towers, four 60m long platforms, and the hoarding

So, if you have a complex scaffolding project, safely hire us for its impeccable implementation.

Commercial scaffolding rental in London

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