Our bespoke scaffolding services

Bespoke scaffolding service in London

Some construction projects can go with out-of-the-box access solutions easily. However, most of the projects require bespoke scaffolding. And this is where Q Scaffolding is of great help. Our bespoke services cover all your access, fencing, and environment creation needs.

Our bespoke services for your access needs

Bespoke access solutions are our core competence. With years of training, experience, and a great passion for engineering bespoke scaffolding, we became true experts in tube and fitting scaffolding:

• Beam gantries
• Access towers
• Lifts and staircases, etc

With all these, we create light and highly reliable staging structures that can withstand heavy loads and are fully safe for the workers and the general public.

Need to scaffold a building which geometry is far from an ordinary one? We will find the best solution. Need fully encompassing structures for a high-rise? Q Scaffolding is your best option!

Our bespoke services for your fencing needs

According to the law, each construction site must be fenced off and be arranged in a way no trespasses are possible for the general public. And this is where our bespoke hoardings are at your service.

When turning to us, you can order hoardings of custom design. To clarify, on your request, we will create a hedging structure that:

• Represents your business identity
• Meet the street character

And, of course, our hoarding structures always comply with the industry standards and are fastened securely against wind and other elements.

Our bespoke services for your environment creation needs

At last, we provide impeccable temporary roof solutions that enable you to create a fully controlled environment. In other words, with us, neither rain nor snow will disrupt your smooth construction workflow.

We design and construct temporary roofs of any geometry and any size. Moreover, we can create a roof system with movable sections, which benefit you with high speed of opening and closure. With such a system, bad weather can no longer affect your internal working environment, while you can still arrange on-site deliveries. Whenever you need it, in raining and snowing.

So, if you need bespoke scaffolding, you can count on our proficient and well-coordinated team. Reach us, and let’s discuss your needs and the solutions we can offer.

Bespoke scaffolding service in London

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