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Structural Drawings

A key part of Q Scaffolding service is our design and engineering capability. We can provide you 2D construction drawings for tender and erection purposes in accordance with current regulations, codes of practice and guidance notes.

Scaffold Inspection Types

We offer a range of scaffold inspections types ranging from initial handover, weekly checks, alterations, one off scaffold audits or following adverse weather.

These inspections are recommended to show any poor practice, dangerous practice and deficiencies for clients wishing to minimise potential accidents and provide an extra peace of mind.  Site managers can generally only inspect scaffold that falls within TG20 ‘basic scaffold’

Anchor Testing

Q Scaffolding provide certified anchor pull tests up to 20Kn, for peace of mind that the fabric of the building is sufficient to withhold anchor loads.  All testing is done independently by qualified Scaffold Inspection Service staff and in accordance to TG4:11.

Where a scaffold has been erected and loads required identified, our advanced scaffold inspector will undertake a site visit and carry out Anchor Pull Test

From Rope & Wheel to Hoist

Whatever you need to lift, we are offering wide range of equipment, from rope and wheel to hoist configurations from 300 kg to 2000 kg capacities.

• Goods hoist
• Passengers & Goods
• Gantry Hoist

Rubbish Chutes & Hopper

Designed to withstand abrasion and heavy impacts making them a very safe and reliable way to dispose of waste when working from height. Available from stock at 500mm (20″) diameter, we have available

• Top Hoppers
• Chute Sections at 1.0m length
• Side Entry Hoppers for use throughout multiple levels
• Fixing Frames to ensure safe and secure mounting of the Chute to a Scaffold Structure

Scaffold Alarms

To protect your premises from intruders we can provide you different types of scaffold and site alarms to fit your requirements.

• Hardwired scaffold alarms
• Wireless mains powered with remote keyfobs
• Battery powered alarms
• 24 hour alarm monitoring

Scaffold Lights

Every council has different lighting requirements. Our scaffold lights are designed to fit safely and securely to all types of scaffolding. It is great way of making all angles of your site visible to pedestrians, keeping them out of harm’s way.

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