How to choose a good scaffolding company

Commercial scaffolding company

In many aspects, the success of your project depends on the contractors you partner with. And scaffolding project is not an exception. At Q Scaffolding, we made a list of questions that help you choose a reliable scaffolder for your project.

Are they certified?

In general, certification means the company’s personnel is well-trained and adheres to all the regulations in the industry. Therefore, at least, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Do they have CISRS scaffolder cards that confirm their COTS and other training relevant to your project?
  • Do they have relevant CISRS Scaffold Inspection qualification?

Note all the cards must be valid not only on the date of starting your project but on the date of its completion as well.

Are they insured?

There are two types of insurance you should check your contractor against. First, according to law, every employer must insure the event of his employees’ injuries. Second, scaffolding imposes certain risks on the general public as well as on your workers. Therefore, a reliable scaffolding company should also have employer’s and public liability insurance. If a company lacks such insurance, it is a tell-tale sign you need to look further.

Are they safe?

Using scaffolding always impose injury risks. Though liability insurances cover injuries, human health is actually beyond any price. So, make sure the company you are going to hire is able to arrange a safe environment both for your and their workers. The typical things to consider here are the following:

  • Key elements of their Health and Safety policy
  • Accident rate for previous projects
  • Inspection obligation

Do they have enough experience in projects similar to yours?

Of course, bespoke scaffolding is unique. However, there are typical scaffold categories such as temporary roofs or access scaffolds. And this is what we are talking about when touching the experience as a point of concern. Each category has its own peculiar properties and requirements. Thus, make sure your to-be scaffolding contractor is familiar with peculiarities and requirements relevant to your project.

What are the reviews about them?

Do not forget about checking what their previous customers say about them. These reviews will provide you with valuable information about the actual company’s proficiency and the way they do their business.

  • What are the key aspects mentioned in the reviews?
  • Do they have negative reviews?
  • What are their reaction to and explanation of these negative reviews?

To conclude, these testimonials help you complete a company’s profile, so you can make a choice based on not only what they say about themselves but what they actually are.

Good commercial scaffolding company

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