How Q Scaffolding can help with demolition projects

Demolition scaffolding in London

According to the NFDC-introduced hierarchy of control, you can use scaffolding only if its elimination or substitution isn’t possible. When applying scaffold-assisted demolition, you should strongly consider scaffold engineering and administration methods. And that is where we can help you.

Scaffolding of the building

We design and construct structures that ensure safe access and egress for your workers during the entire demolition. Our responsibilities here are as follows.

• Design structures compliant with site-specific RAMS
• Apply scaffold tie patterns that meet demolition project requirements of increased safety
• Go in line with your demolition sequence and methodology and provide timely progressive dismantling
• Install screens, covers, and barriers for sufficient dust suppression and debris fly prevention
• Inspect scaffolds and gantries according to the industry requirements, paying increased attention to the reliability and safety of the structures

And, of course, the design and construction methods we use are BS-compliant. For example, one of the most important standards relevant to demolition scaffolding are as follows:

• BS 6187 and BS 5975
• BS 12810 and BS 12811
• TG 20

Also, for demolition scaffolding in London, we ensure full compliance with the Code of Practice for Deconstruction and Construction Sites in the City of London. Therefore, when turning to us, you can be confident in compliance with industry and safety standards and in the application of the best practices for managing environmental issues.

Protection of the public

When undertaking demolition of a building that is close to the general public, you must ensure public safety and protection. And we are here to help you ensure this by installing any of the following structures:

• Hoarding
• Covered walkway
• Catch platforms

The need for the exact public protection structure depends on the site specifics. In general, hoarding is a must for every project as it hedges the work site from public access. If the clear distance is less than the height of the building to deconstruct, you also need covered walkways. At last, if the clear distance is less than ½ of the building height, you need catch platforms as well.

So, if you want to be sure your demolition site is safe for both your workforce and the public, hire us. Our services include not only scaffolding activities but obtaining all required licenses and permits.

Demolition scaffolding in London

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