How our scaffolding experts deal with bespoke projects

Bespoke scaffolding services

If the architecture you are working on has unique and demanding geometries, regular scaffolds will not work. So, in this case, bespoke staging structures are what you need. And this is what Q Scaffolding can successfully provide.

Yes, with plenty of projects under our belt, we can take over the most challenging projects. And scaffold the most demanding geometries.

How we design bespoke scaffolding

Scaffold design is the basis for the entire project. Designing a bespoke staging structure requires a lot of specific engineering knowledge. To clarify, the first challenge here to overcome is to shape the structure the way it fits the building ideally. And, of course, provides access for all construction needs. The second one, but even more important, is to provide the highest level of safety for the workforce and the general public.

Indeed, a bespoke scaffolding service in London has its challenges:
• High-density site developments
• Buildings of unique and non-standard geometry
• Intensive pedestrian traffic and numerous other factors to take into consideration

And we are proud to say our scaffold designers are extremely proficient. They engineer bespoke scaffold structures that fully meet safety requirements and provide easy access. To achieve this, they undertake a thorough risk assessment and calculate loads the structure is to withstand. Then, they design the staging and provide explicit drawings to base our further bespoke scaffolding pipeline.

How we construct bespoke scaffolds

Strict adherence to the scaffold drawings during the construction is the first key to delivering a safe and reliable access solution. While the second one is paying close attention to the safety of site operatives involved in the process.

At Q Scaffolding, we have got both keys. And, of course, competent engineers and site operatives to operate with them. Yes, our scaffolders and scaffold inspectors are fully certified.

First, in accordance with our quality assurance policy, our site operatives check compliance of every scaffold layer with provided drawings. This way we ensure all components are assembled the way they should be and safely attached to the building. Besides, when we complete the structure, we carry out a handover inspection.

Second, we have developed a strict Health and Safety policy to follow. Among others, it includes running regular safety briefings and using reliable PPE, ties, and supports. Thus, we have the lowest accident rate in the industry.

So, get in touch with us if you have got an upcoming project that requires bespoke scaffolding.

Bespoke scaffolding services in London

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