How much scaffolding services might cost

While “How much scaffolding services might cost” is one of the most frequently asked questions, there couldn’t be a one-fits-all answer. To clarify, there are too many factors that may affect your scaffolding expenses.

So, in this post, we briefly outline what aspects you need to consider. Here, we divide all costs that scaffolding involves into two main categories. First, it is about the costs related to the structure itself, or as we name it, the direct scaffolding cost. Second, it is about the administrative fees that placing the structure may involve.

Direct scaffolding cost factors

To start with, the exact project quotation depends on the project requirements and other terms. Basically, you need to factor at least the following aspects:

•Structure complexity, size, and height
•Project deadlines and duration
•Project limitations and special requirements

Besides, if access to the building to scaffold is not easy, expect a higher price for the project.

To go further, the cost of scaffolding services depends on the rates a scaffolding company charges. So, that is why it is a common case to get different quotes from different companies for the same projects. The factors that affect company rates include their expertise in the industry and the targeted domain, their H&S policy, etc. So, a company with higher rates can benefit you more in total. For example, your benefits include better access solutions and no accidents that will delay your project.

Administrative fees

The administrative fees refer to the fees a local council charges for a highway licence and parking suspension. For example, the following factors can affect your total scaffolding licence expenses:

•Placement duration
•Type of the facilities to be scaffolded
•Site inspection fee
•Deposit holding admin fee, etc.

Besides, the exact amount of the fees depends on the city and even on the exact borough within the city, where you plan to place the structure. So, project location matters for licence and parking suspension fees as much as for the direct scaffolding costs.

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