How long does it take to put scaffolding up

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The question about how long it takes to put scaffolding up is not just about physical structure construction timescales. It is about how long it takes from the moment you hire a scaffolding company to the moment when you can use the structure. Here, the timescales may vary between just a week to months.

And, yes, we are talking about bespoke scaffolding, not out-of-the-box solutions.


If considering only physical structure construction timescales, residential scaffolding may take as little as just two hours. And, typically, the maximum timescales here do not exceed two days. If considering designing and other aspects, the timescales may be as follows:

• At least five business days to proceed from A to Z for small projects that go within the boundary of your property
• At least ten business days for small projects that require temporary structure licences

Indeed, be prepared to add at least extra five days for licence application proceeding. Of course, if a scaffolding company you hire is familiar with the application procedure and quick to supply all the necessary documentation. And this is why it is always better to hire one of the scaffold companies near you. In other words, they are familiar with the procedure.

How long does it take to put up commercial scaffolding?

For small commercial scaffolding projects, the timescales, typically, start from ten business days. This is because the commercial structures are usually placed on the pavement. Hence, a temporary structure licence is a must for their placing.

For large and complex projects, the timing is even longer. For example, it may take a month or even three months and more. To be specific, the exact timeframes depend on the following factors:

• Project scale and complexity
• The number of site operatives you hire for the project
• Possible activity restrictions and limitations (for example, if the local authorities set specific hours to perform construction or loading activities)

The first factor determines both the designing and construction stages. The other two affect structure construction timescales.

Get in touch with us to discuss your timescales. We are sure we can meet even your tightest deadlines.

Scaffold companies near you

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