Does scaffolding have favourable seasons?

Scaffolding erectors service in London

Yes, though scaffolding is used all year round, it has favorable seasons – late spring, summer, and early autumn. Note, this doesn’t mean there are no projects during other seasons. This means at other seasons scaffolding has more limitations than at the favorable ones. Read further to get a clear idea of what makes late spring, summer, and early autumn more beneficial than late autumn, winter, and early spring.

Faster project progression

All of you love late spring, summer, and early autumn for its sunny days and good weather it cherishes you with. And so do we, scaffolders. To clarify, from May to late September, bad weather is seldom. Therefore, the season provides at least three “No” advantages:

• No frequent high winds, heavy rains, and, especially, snowfalls that make scaffolders slow down or even suspend their activities
• No low temperatures that increase the risk of site operatives getting ill
• No dark mornings and early dark evenings that impair the job performance

Thus, as you can see, these “No” advantages benefit you as a customer with higher velocity and faster project progression. Therefore, when you hire scaffolding expert service in London or any other area, try to schedule all scaffold construction works for the May-September period. If your project allows such scheduling, of course.

Lower associated costs

Note, the cost factor is not the only for a quotation. In other words, there are others, which may have even a greater impact on the project price. For example, market demand, which is always higher for the summer months. Therefore, summer scaffolding projects are not always the cheapest ones.

Still, the cost factor is essential. And here, we return again to the aforementioned bullet points to cover its economic component. The general idea is the expenses to mitigate bad weather effects during the late spring – early autumn seasons are lower than those during other seasons. To clarify:

• Warm weather and the absence of high winds, heavy rains, and snowfalls means there is no need for extra-thick closing equipment and using extra-endurance materials for scaffold netting
• Longer lighting day means there is no need for extra lighting and jackets of increased visibility
• At last, there is no need for extra scaffolding checks, which are imperative from late September

To conclude, May – September months are highly favorable for scaffolding because of faster project progression, lower accident and sick leave risks, and no need for extra expenses related to accident prevention and facilitating project progression.

Scaffolding erectors service in London

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