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Scaffolding erectors in London

At Q Scaffolding, we are constantly meeting with urgent requests that leave almost no room for negotiation, quote balancing, etc. However, it could always be otherwise for you. The only thing you need to do is not wait till your request turns into an urgent one but contact us to discuss it well before.

With what projects you can turn to us

To be short, you can turn to us for any access solution. In other words, you are welcome with any scaffolding project and any task related to such a project. Being full-cycle scaffolding experts in London, we handle all the activities that scaffolding involves:

• Designing the structures and delivering drawings
• Scaffold construction and dismantling
• Scaffold inspections (one-off, regular)

Whether you need to arrange hoardings around your site or need a complicated bespoke staging structure with numerous gantries, scaffold towers, and even a temporary roof, we’ve got you covered.

What you need to start discussing your project

First, you need general structure requirements such as the dimensions of the building (or its part) you need to scaffold and peculiarities of building configurations.

Second, you need to share information about the intended use, which is essential for load calculations. This information should include at least the following aspects:

• Tasks your workers will handle while using the structure
• Number of these workers and their weight the structure needs to withstand
• Weight of materials and equipment to be placed on the structure

Third, you need to provide the exact site where you need to place the structure. We need this to assess general site conditions, structure foundation, possible electrical or piping obstruction, etc.

And, of course, while discussing, mention your timeframes and deadlines. To clarify, the timeframes if great for a better understanding of the weather conditions we are likely to work under. For example, there are some differences in work preparation and the entire project pipeline if a project runs in summer or winter. Besides, the deadlines may determine the intensity of work and the number of site operatives to engage in the project.

So, do not wait till the last moment but call us to discuss your project right now.

Scaffolding erectors in London

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