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Q Scaffolding provides demolition scaffolding for low, medium, and high-rise buildings. Scaffold protection is a must for demolition and exterior renovation projects at high-density sites. It is essential for the safety of the workforce and the general public as well as for ensuring dust efficient suppression and protection against debris during the works. We guaranty all our structures are highly reliable and safe.

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Demolition scaffolding in London
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As a reliable scaffold company, we ensure our structures comply with relevant British standards and site-specific RAMS. Our demolition scaffolding and renovation scaffolding rental services include:

• Thorough planning. Our engineers carefully assess the peculiarities of the project site. Then, they estimate permissible load, safe height to base ratio, and other parameters crucial for structure robustness and its safety for the demolition workforce and the general public.

• Design and drawings. When designing the scaffold, we take into account the demolition methodology and sequence to be applied. This is one of the basic principles recommended in the NFDC scaffold safety guidance. And we strictly adhere to it.

• Installation. When erecting demolition scaffolding, our installers firmly anchor the structure to the building. Also, we apply additional ties to ensure the enhanced safety and robustness of the structure during demolition works.

• Inspection and maintenance. Demolition and renovation scaffolding falls under a standard weekly inspection practice. However, we double the attention paid to the ties, uprights, lifts, and other structural components. Also, we carefully inspect tents and check their integrity. This way we ensure the safety of our structures and its dust suppression and protection against debris features.

• Progressive dismantling. We strictly coordinate the scaffold with the demolition sequence so that the structure closely follows it. As soon as the upper floors get demolished, we dismantle the relevant tiers of the structure so that it remains safe for use during the whole project. The same goes for renovation projects if required.

The safety is our utmost priority

We always care for the health and safety of our operatives. To prevent incidents of adverse events, we undertake:

• Regular safety instructions
• Thorough site risk assessment

Equipping the operatives with reliable PPE, H&S legislation we adhere to:

• Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
• Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

Contact us if you need demolition or renovation scaffolding. We provide bespoke and highly reliable scaffold solutions all over London.

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