Common safety issues in scaffolding

Scaffolding drawing service in London

At Q Scaffolding, we consider all possible safety issues and do our best to eliminate all safety risks and prevent scaffold-related accidents.

Common safety risks and hazards

There are six common safety risks and hazards in scaffolding:

• Electrocution
• Scaffold collapse
• Falls from elevation
• Stroke by falling items
• Heatstroke and sunstroke
• Hypothermia and even frostbite

Fortunately, electrocution is the rarest of all safety issues but, this is the thing to consider first. The risks here come from power lines and even lightning.

In general, scaffold collapse is a result of unstable structures, its poor anchoring, or insufficient fitting. The risk is especially high if an engineering solution is poor. That is why you need to consider a company to hire for scaffold drawings service in London and all over the UK.

The causes that may lead to the fall accident include slipping, using rotten boards or damaged tubes, lack of barriers or fall preventive equipment.

When it comes to the strokes, the most common falling items here are tubes, anchors, planks, and fittings. Indeed, an object may present a hazard even when it falls from a height of 1 metre. However, it causes greater damage when falling from 30 metres and higher.

Heat- and sunstroke is a result of working under high temperatures, especially, if they rise above 30°C. In contrast, hypothermia and frostbite are what working under low temperatures may lead to. However, scaffolding in rain and under strong wind may also lead to hypothermia.

How we prevent safety issues at Q Scaffolding

Above, we said electrocution is to consider first. And this is what we do while undertaking a risk assessment. Also, one of the preventive measures here is appropriate earthing and arranging a lightning rod. And, of course, we never let our scaffolders work in a storm.

The first measure to prevent scaffold collapse is to engineer a stable construction. The second one is to assemble it in strict accordance with the drawings. And these are what we do at Q Scaffolding.

To prevent falls from elevation, we apply fall preventive equipment and use guardrails. When it comes to the latter, we always check twice how well they are fixed, and never leave them loose. Also, we supply our site operatives with quality PPE to protect them from slipping, item-falling strokes, and hypothermia.

At last, we always consider temperature and other risk factors. Besides, we never let our site operatives work under the elements that threaten their safety.

So, when turning to us, you can be sure there will be no scaffold-related accidents at your construction site. In other words, there will be no delays and other undesired results that may prevent your project progression.

Scaffolding drawing service in London

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