Commercial Scaffolding Rental and Installation

Q Scaffolding provides commercial scaffolding rental of any complexity to meet any project needs, challenges, and limitations in full. Using galvanized tubes, scaffold boards, and pressed steel fittings, we construct flexible exterior staging systems. Turning to us, you get safe and reliable access solutions even for highly complicated buildings and restricted access areas. 

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Commercial scaffolding services
Commercial scaffolding in London

Process of commercial scaffolding


The quality of commercial scaffolding rental services starts here. At this stage, our engineers calculate the following parameters:

• Total permissible loads
• Uniformly distributed desk load
• Rack strength and steadiness
• Scaffold attachment parameters

Based on a thorough assessment, we select materials to use for each exact structure so it can ensure the required strength and stability.


We design the best structures to fit peculiarities of any building’s shape:

• Bends and corners
• Protruding parts
• Other architectural features

At the end of this stage, our engineers provide a complete and explicit scaffold erection scheme and another project documentation required for the installation. Now, everything is ready to deliver top-notch commercial scaffolding rental results.


Installation is the most visible part of commercial scaffolding rental services. Our site operatives scaffold the building in compliance with the project documentation. Installation includes:

• System foundation arrangement
• Sequential erection of scaffold tiers
• Checking the installation
• Earthing the structure and installing a lightning rod if necessary

All works are carried out in strict accordance with the designed sequence and safety requirements for commercial scaffolding. The structures we erect provide a safe workplace for building finishing, repair or restoration.


Providing commercial scaffolding rental services, we ensure the safety of our structures. For this purpose, we run its thorough inspection on a weekly basis. The scaffold inspection includes (but not limited to) the following checks:

• Scaffold integrity
• Tubes, desk, and fittings condition
• Safety guards presence and condition
• Scaffold-to-building attachment strength and integrity

We ensure a safe work environment

Our company complies with health and safety legislation and implements strict internal H&S policy to ensure a safe work environment for our installers.

• We conduct a full risk assessment for every commercial scaffolding rental project before the start
• Our installers are well equipped with personal protective equipment in strict accordance with British standards
• We run regular safety instructions before erecting the scaffolds

Contact us if you need commercial scaffolding rental. We cover all over London. We are near you, ready to provide you with a reliable access solution.

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