What types of scaffolding exist

According to the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), there are three basic types of access solutions – tube and fitting scaffolding, system scaffolding, and lightweight mobile towers. Here, we will give a brief explanation of their main features and application. Tube and fitting scaffolding Tube and fitting scaffolding is a stationary structure assembled from […]

What is scaffolding?

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In general, scaffolding is a temporary structure you need for a construction project that involves any work at height. However, the essence of scaffolding is slightly broader. Besides, there is such a phenomenon as bespoke scaffolding. All these aspects we are going to discuss in this post. What is scaffolding in a broad sense? Indeed, […]

Essential scaffolders equipment and outfit

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At Q Scaffolding, we always say safety is the core. Therefore, we do our best to ensure the safety for our scaffolders. For this purpose, we use reliable fall arrest and personal protective equipment. To clarify, we use it during scaffold construction and dismantling. We use it while altering or repairing the structures. And, at […]

Types of scaffolding

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Understanding what scaffolding type you need for your exact project is highly important for two reasons. First, because it determines the access flexibility. Second, because it affects the safety of your workmen. Here, we discuss the most common types of scaffolding designed for exterior works in the UK. Bespoke scaffolding Brief description: Bespoke scaffolding is […]