How often should scaffolding be inspected

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The use of access solutions for working at height always falls under the question of safety for the workmen and general public. Therefore, when it comes to scaffold inspection, there is no room for personal thinking and preferences. On the contrary, you must follow the law. So, how often should scaffolding be inspected according to […]

Common safety issues in scaffolding

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At Q Scaffolding, we consider all possible safety issues and do our best to eliminate all safety risks and prevent scaffold-related accidents. Common safety risks and hazards There are six common safety risks and hazards in scaffolding: • Electrocution • Scaffold collapse • Falls from elevation • Stroke by falling items • Heatstroke and sunstroke […]

Scaffolding in the rain: safety tips

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While working at height always bears some risks, working at height in the rain increases these risks. Therefore, your workers should be very careful and mindful when going up and down the scaffold as well as executing their tasks. For example, they should always have three points of contact and move without any hurry. However, […]

Scaffolding inspections: Step by step

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Inspections are an important part of scaffolding services and crucial for the safety of your workers. To clarify, scaffolding inspections aim to check the scaffold structure integrity and detect possible safety hazards. How often to conduct inspections? Inspection frequency is not something a scaffold or construction company can schedule at their discretion. On the contrary, […]

Scaffolding accreditation checklist

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The scaffolding industry requires great responsibility and strict safety considerations. Therefore, there are a great number of associations and schemes that govern the scaffolding contractor activity. The governance includes both obligatory and voluntary accreditation. Its aim is to improve scaffolder competence and enhance the security level. Obligatory accreditation This is a must-have in the industry. […]

Outsourcing Health and Safety: Benefits

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Typically, construction projects involve using scaffolds, temporary structures that provide access for works at height. These scaffold structures must ensure a safe environment for the workforce engaged in the construction or reconstruction activities. With so many regulations, requirements, and peculiarities regarding health and safety, it is worth outsourcing scaffolding supervision to an experienced contractor. This […]