Q Scaffolding means quality

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Why do we win large contracts? And why do we have so many clients that return to us again and again? At last, why we are in high demand for bespoke scaffolding? The answer lies in one word – quality. Both in designing and assembling the structure. Quality in designing Everything starts with planning and […]

Why you can rely on us

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Q Scaffolding is among the most targeted scaffolders in London. Hundreds of clients have trusted us with their projects and returned to us for their next ones. The cornerstones for such great loyalty are our deep proficiency and expertise in scaffolding. While its general environment is a strong Health and Safety policy we stick to. […]

Why to use us as a scaffolding inspection company

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While we provide full-cycle scaffolding activities, scaffolding inspections are also among our range as a separate service. Moreover, we are proud to say many businesses choose us from other scaffolding inspection companies. Both for one-off or regular inspections. Why? Because when turning to us, they get professional scaffold safety assistance. They do not just abide […]

Good vs bad scaffolding company

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When looking for a scaffolding contractor to support your project, you are seeking a good one, aren’t you? And you are absolutely right as only a good scaffolding contractor can provide utterly safe access solutions. In this post, we discuss the telltale signs that help you distinguish a good scaffolding company and weed out a […]

Why to use a scaffolding company

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It seems, there is always a choice whether to use a scaffolding company or arrange scaffolds by yourself. However, most construction and reconstruction projects hire contractors instead of doing it on their own. Why is this so? Here, we will highlight some aspects you need to consider when making your decision. First, you get a […]

How to choose a good scaffolding company

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In many aspects, the success of your project depends on the contractors you partner with. And scaffolding project is not an exception. At Q Scaffolding, we made a list of questions that help you choose a reliable scaffolder for your project. Are they certified? In general, certification means the company’s personnel is well-trained and adheres […]