Q Scaffolding is among the most reliable providers of scaffolding services in Brent. We have deep expertise in engineering tube and fitting temporary structures. This ensures elegant and fully safe access solutions for your construction or reconstruction project. Welcome with your request for turnkey solutions or just one of the services Q Scaffolding company provides:

• Planning and design – accurate calculations and explicit scaffold drawings
• Erection – assembling the structure on your construction site and dismantling it as the project ends
• Inspection – one-off or regular scaffold inspections by Advanced Scaffolding Inspector

We take pride in the deep proficiency of our scaffolding erectors in Brent. Our well-coordinated team will design, get a scaffolding and hoarding licence, erect, inspect and dismantle the structures in a very effective manner. In strict compliance with both local and general requirements for staging and hoarding structures.

• Get a controlled environment by erecting a temporary roof over your main work site
• Provide your workers with easy access to the work-at-height site by erecting access towers, lifts, and gantries
• Get an access solution while constructing, reconstructing, or refacing buildings (low, medium, and high rise)
• Provide your demolition works with specially designed demolition scaffolding

We strive to balance the interest of the project progression and the general public in the area. Thus, we manage to avoid discontent associated with our structures and, as a result, no problems of this kind to your company.

As a scaffolding company in Brent that provide services for residential customers, we provide access solution for all project types. You can count on us if you need one of the following solutions for your new-built or refurbishment project:

• Beam gantries over your conservatory or other similar architectures
• Staging structures for such works as loft conversions or chimney repairs
• External scaffolds for brickwork and gable end rebuilding

One of our principles is to provide our services efficiently for the customers while doing our best not to cause any inconvenience to their neighbours. We never block your neighbour’s driveway. Do our best to cause no noise nuisances when erecting and dismantling the structures. Follow the rules of your personal agreement with your neighbours about hours of silence, if any.

There are at least five reasons to engage our scaffolding erectors in Brent for your upcoming project. With us, you get:

• Bespoke access solutions from one of the most proficient experts in a tube and fitting scaffolding domain
• Legally placing of the structures that meet all the requirements of Brent council
• Strict adherence to safety standards and no accidents related to our activities or the result we provide
• Careful interest balancing with respect for the site environment and area residents and passers-by
• On-time structure delivery in full accordance with negotiated deadlines

To reach us, fill in a quick contact form. Our sales managers will contact you back within a few working hours to clarify your project requirements and other details. After the full assessment, we will provide you with an accurate quotation for your exact project.

Interested in working with us on an upcoming project?

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