Bespoke Scaffolding Rental and Installation

Q Scaffolding is a leading provider of bespoke scaffolding services in London. With over 10 years of experience, we have delivered hundreds of unique exterior solutions. Our bespoke structures provide safe and easy access to the most hard-to-reach sites and benefit each project we are engaged in.

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Bespoke scaffolding installation in London
Bespoke scaffolding services in London

More about our bespoke scaffolding services

Planning and designing

Bespoke scaffolding is always a unique design to overcome specific access challenges. This also means specific requirements are to be met. Based on these requirements, we engineer the structure that not only perfectly fits the building shape but ensures the safety for the project workforce.

Undertaking load, safety, and robustness calculations, we take into account the following data:

• Peculiarities of the building shape
• Peculiarities of the construction site
• Character of works to be executed

Erection, inspection, and maintenance

Our installers scaffold the building while following the provided drawings to the very last detail. After completing the tier, they double check each structure joint as well as its attachment to the building.

Our further responsibilities cover ensuring the safety of erected bespoke scaffolding structures during the project lifespan. Here, our activities include:

• All necessary inspections, including prestart, weekly, and post-adverse event examination
• Timely replacement of cracked and unsafe scaffold components
• Timely adjustment of loose joints and attachments


Our bespoke scaffolding rental services include timely dismantling and removal of the scaffold structures. Depending on the project requirements, the dismantling may follow the project workflow sequence.

Safe while working

At Q Scaffolding, we adhere to all UK Health and Safety regulations and standards, the main of which are as follows:

• NASC Safety Guidance Note, SG4:00
• Work at Heights Regulation 2004

Based on these, we develop a strict Health and Safety Policy, which covers all the stages of our bespoke scaffolding pipeline. The Policy incorporates all required means of ensuring the safety of our site operatives:

• Regular safety briefing
• Fall prevention and arrest equipment
• Safety helmet, footwear, and other personal protective equipment

Due to our great concern for H&S of our employees, we have one of the lowest incident and injury rates in the industry. For our customers, this means not only their contribution to a safe working environment but having their building scaffolded on time and in accordance with all requirements.

Get in touch with us and entrust your bespoke scaffolding project to one of the safest and most reliable scaffold company in the UK. Always near you. Always available for your project.

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