Advertising placement on scaffolding

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Advertising placement on scaffolding

Scaffolding is access means necessary to carry out your construction or reconstruction projects. But do you know you can wring more out of the structure? Yes, we are speaking about effectively utilizing its space for advertising. Read further to know more about associated purpose, type, safety, and legal aspects.

The purpose aspect

The purpose aspect is about why you may need to place ads on your scaffolding. The reasons may differ but each of them deals with the benefits you get from using your construction covering for advertising placement. For example, there could be one of the following reasons:

• Your business promotion, when you directly advertise your brand and, thus, attract new customers
• Your business visibility and identity, when you place on scaffolding your brand or store name, currently hidden by the scaffolds and, thus, invisible to your customers
•. Increasing the loyalty of the customers and general public to your business, when you use, for example, building wrap banners just to hide the structures and make the construction site more sight-appealing
• Profit-making, when you sell the space to other companies so they can promote their business

The type aspect

The type aspect comes to what exactly you can place on your scaffolding. In general, you have a large choice of advertising means:

• Billboards and window displays
• Signages and entire backdrop displays
• Building wrap banners and even integrated LED screens

Typically, ad structures (excluding LED screens, of course) are made of fabric, mesh, or vinyl. Your exact choice of the type and material depends on your purpose, budget, available space, site conditions, etc. For example, when applying to a scaffold hoarding service, the business often uses the hoarding space as billboards.

The safety aspect

In short, safety shall always come first. To clarify, you should always put the safety of the scaffold to your workers and the general public first. If advertising placement threatens to sacrifice that safety, sacrifice that placement instead. For example, you should always make sure scaffolding wrap banners you are going to use, at least, are:

• Safely attached to the scaffolds and can secure their positioning under any weather conditions
• Tear- and water-resistant and can withstand winds and rains
• Sufficiently perforated and can let the wind through without any risk of bringing the scaffolding down

The legal aspect

The legal aspect is one of the most important. A common question here is if ads on scaffolding are legal. In short, yes, advertising on scaffolding is absolutely legal. Though, for some areas and locations as well as for all public properties, you need to get special permits from local authorities. And, of course, ads must not contain any items that may violate the law or promote prohibited goods and services.

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