Who We Are


Q Scaffolding prides itself on providing safe, aesthetically pleasing, neat and tidy scaffold structures throughout London since 2010. We are a rapidly expanding company which continues to grow with considerable ongoing investment in stock, systems, vehicles and most importantly operatives and staff.


We offer a comprehensive range of scaffolding services with a total commitment to quality, service and customer care, delivering bespoke solutions. Working in conjunction with the CITB skills scheme we secure trained staff who comply with industry standards on scaffold stability, public and workforce safety.

Q Scaffolding site team
Q Team

Our Mission


At Q Scaffolding, we care a lot about the impact as well as we care a lot about the safety of the general public and workers who will use our temporary structures. Our mission is to provide safe and professional scaffolding services. 



We focus on identifying the best scaffold configuration to satisfy our clients’ requirements within tight timelines and efficient, well-presented site teams at cost-effective prices.

Every project is treated as unique and we create expert solutions that demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Why Choose Q Scaffolding

High Proficiency

We are among the top scaffolding companies in London. Our scaffold design engineers are great at creating the most complex scaffold structures. Supplemented with skilled and experienced site operatives who construct the structures, this ensures safe and reliable access solutions.

Law Compliance 

As a law-abiding scaffolding company in London, we guarantee strict law compliance when placing temporary structures. Scaffolding and hoarding licence, parking suspense, and other permits. These, our scaffolding company will get before starting scaffold construction activities, if necessary.

Strong Safety Policy

We run regular safety briefings and provide our site operatives with reliable personal protection and fall arrest equipment. Due to this, for each our scaffolding London project, we feature no site accidents and prevent any project delays related to safety issues.

Q Scaffolding Team

Being the company our customers want us to be, requires an eclectic group of passionate individuals.
Meet the people leading the way at Q Scaffolding.

Head Of operations
Victoria has been part of our team since 2010, serving as the Head of Operations. Throughout her tenure, she has successfully overseen and nurtured the development of a comprehensive business management system, starting from its inception. Victoria leads our office operations, prioritizing compliance, ethical business practices, and strategic planning for sustainable expansion.
Vera, a valued member of our team since 2014, plays a crucial role in administration at Q Scaffolding. With years of experience and expertise, she effectively manages various administrative tasks to ensure the smooth operation of our business. Vera's meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills contribute to maintaining efficient office processes. Her dedication and commitment make her an essential part of our team, supporting the overall success of Q Scaffolding.
Anthea, our newest team member, joined Q Scaffolding in 2023, where she plays a pivotal role in our administrative department. Her fresh insights and meticulous attention to detail have made an immediate impact on our daily operations. With impressive organizational abilities, Anthea actively contributes to various administrative tasks, ensuring streamlined office processes. Her unwavering commitment and dedication make her an invaluable asset to our growing team at Q Scaffolding.
Luca, who joined our Q Scaffolding team in 2023, has seamlessly assimilated into our dynamic administrative department, proving to be an indispensable addition with his unique perspective, precision in handling details, and exceptional organizational capabilities. His proactive initiative is already yielding favorable results in our day-to-day operations, optimizing office procedures and substantially bolstering our team's sustained triumph as we progress and flourish.
Logistics Manager
Joe, our Scaffolding Logistics Manager, joined Q Scaffolding in 2022. With extensive experience and expertise, he effectively coordinates all aspects of scaffolding logistics for seamless operations. Joe plays a critical role in transporting and deploying scaffolding materials and equipment, ensuring timely and efficient project execution. His organizational skills and attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to Q Scaffolding.
Head Of Marketing
Marijana, our Head of Marketing, joined our team in March 2022, bringing a wealth of expertise and creativity to our marketing efforts. With her extensive experience and innovative approach, Marijana leads our marketing team in crafting and executing strategic campaigns that drive our brand's growth and visibility. Her dedication to excellence and her ability to navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape make her an invaluable leader as we continue to expand and reach new heights at Q Scaffolding.
Senior Contracts Manager
With over 10 years leadership & management experience, our Senior Contracts Manager Adam is known for understanding the need for detailed planning and communication between the site team, client and end users to ensure the successful delivery of any project in terms of both time and cost.
Contracts Manager
Lasha joined Q Scaffolding in 2016 as a contractor manager. He has a vast understanding for project estimation,management and overseeing day to day operations of all projects. His ability to know what it takes to motivate teams and drive projects forward to completion has made him a valuable & reliable asset to our company.
Contracts Manager
As with many of our Contract Managers, John has grown within the company for many years; he started with us as a site operative in 2010 before becoming the hardworking and efficient Contract Manager he is today. John has rapidly risen through the ranks at Q Scaffolding and is now a key member of the contracts manager team and a vital part of the business.
Projects Manager
Alina, our Projects Manager, has been an invaluable member of Q Scaffolding since 2020. She expertly oversees and manages projects, ensuring their successful completion. Alina's strong organizational skills and dedication contribute to smooth project execution, while her professionalism and effective communication build positive client relationships.
Accounts Co-Ordinator
Klaudio has worked for Q Scaffolding since May 2018 and looks after all financials. His role involves monthly reporting, dealing with wages, liaising with HMRC and creditors, completing regular returns, and much more. Klaudio approaches his job each day with a positive outlook, tackling the challenges this busy position brings. He has become a highly valued asset and is an integral part of our rapidly growing company.
Credit Control Manager
Edita, our Credit Control Manager, has been an integral part of Q Scaffolding since 2018. With her exceptional attention to detail and strong working relationships, she efficiently manages all credit control functions, ensuring the smooth operation of the business. Edita plays a vital role in maintaining accurate financial records and facilitating timely payments. Her long-standing commitment to Q Scaffolding makes her an invaluable asset to the office.
Scaffolding Inspector
Chris, our Scaffolding Inspector, started his journey with Q Scaffolding in 2015 as a Scaffolder. With his dedication and expertise, he gradually grew within the company and was recently promoted to the role of Scaffolding Inspector in early 2023. Chris's hands-on experience and extensive knowledge enable him to conduct thorough inspections, ensuring the safety and compliance of our scaffolding structures. His commitment to excellence and continuous growth make him an invaluable asset to Q Scaffolding.
Scaffolding Inspector
James is highly experienced and qualified scaffolding inspector - He joined Q Scaffolding team October 2022. He is responsible for undertaking weekly inspections of all our client sites to ensure we are working at the highest level of health and safety. James is passionate about guaranteeing the best possible level of inspection service is delivered with every project we undertake.
Scaffolding Inspector
Since joining Q Scaffolding in 2015, Marius has been an essential member of our team as a Scaffold Inspector. With his expertise and meticulous attention to detail, Marius plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and compliance of our scaffolding structures. His thorough inspections contribute to a secure working environment for both our team and clients, highlighting the significant impact he has made throughout his tenure with Q Scaffolding.
Meet Kuma, our adorable Security Officer at Q Scaffolding! With her wagging tail and irresistible charm, Kuma keeps our premises secure and our hearts full. Don't let her sweet face fool you—she's fiercely dedicated to protecting us from squirrels and postmen alike. When she's not on duty, Kuma loves belly rubs, playing fetch, and bringing joy to our team. With her wagging tail and endless enthusiasm, Kuma adds a touch of furry fun to our work environment.